About the social media mile - international digital marketing agency


Digital marketing agency

  • The smmile is a location-independent digital marketing agency with an international team of professionals who are ready to go the extra mile for our clients’ marketing results and smile.


  • Our philosophy was born out of…
    Shifting and strategising the way we think, work and innovate
    Mixing the digital with traditional channels for developing better, optimised campaigns
    Marketing tactics adapted to client’s needs
    Inspiration for big challenges
    Location-independent business mindset
    Expertise in digital, social, content, technology and marketing strategy


  • We believe that if you don’t know where you stand, it’s difficult to get where you want to be. In order to successfully navigate through the dynamic world of consumer perceptions, we must understand the landscape and find the best strategy to get there in an efficient manner. Thus, we are working with the CGOSTMA™ method, which helps us create a clear process that guides our clients to achieve their goals strategically.
  • Our approach is holistic. We start by reviewing and researching the market, target-audience and its segments, competition, threats, and opportunities, then set clear goals and SMART objectives aligned with the business. Only afterwards we discuss the strategy and tactics that help us to reach the objectives. But what really makes the difference lies at the core of continuous measurement, testing and adaptation of actions.

The smmile team

  • We are happy people who like achieving goals, creating high-quality content and are driven by performance. We love proving productivity, efficiency and effectiveness while making our clients happy.
  • Combining our skills, know-how and excitement for amazing work based on results, we are on a mission to create relevant content that people will want to read, watch, follow, share, and buy.
  • David Ogilvy said that “the consumer is not a moron, she is your wife”. We believe in providing valuable content to the right people. We hate spam and irrelevant information and we are keen on making the best out of digital marketing for your business.