Digital Marketing – an Integrated Approach

In a fast-changing world, choosing the best marketing mix to use, deciding where to invest your digital marketing efforts or finding the most efficient ways to increase your social media ROI can become overwhelming.  

At The smmile, we offer support to our clients with their digital marketing efforts, build comprehensive strategies, and help them achieve their objectives through an integrated approach.

We believe in a process created to ensure that all communication is consistent across the channels, by providing a unified experience for the consumer in relation to the brand.

Our services

Content Marketing & Copywriting

Writing might seem easy, but creating relevant content that converts and improves brand image can be quite challenging. We want to help you create valuable content that connects and engages your audience at every stage of the sales funnel, while increasing brand awareness and achieving your marketing objectives. (more…)

Social Media Marketing

Are you already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but you don’t know how to monetise your online presence or simply don’t have the time to take care of it? We believe in having specialised professionals who know the particularities of each network, master the creation of engaging content and have the know-how to reach the goals you desire.

Social Media Strategy

At the core of any great social media presence is a strategy that will help you achieve the desired results. We work with the CGOSTMA™ structure – a compelling and complete method that helps defining the goals and creating the best strategy to reach them through relevant tactics.

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Why The smmile?

We are a team of professionals based in many corners of the world, each of us with expertise and proven skills. The chances are that more than one colleague already knows your company, area of activity and your target audience. Based on our experience, current market trends and your objectives, we will provide the most relevant and personalized solutions to your problems.

When working with The smmile, you receive the support of a partner, who helps you understand the market and achieve your goals, while taking of the pressure of not knowing what you don’t know.

We believe in making our clients smile by helping them grow their businesses through an integrated approach, clear objectives and measurable results.


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Content Marketing


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