Social Media Strategy

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Why should you need a social media strategy? Isn’t the social presence enough? Unfortunately, the time when just being on social media was enough has long passed. Did you know that Facebook only shows your posts to around 2% of your followers? There is a lot of competition at this point and you need to have a great strategy to attract the right audience and achieve your social media objectives.

A goal cannot be reached if it’s not set. And a goal that doesn’t help your overall marketing strategy will not help your business grow. This is where a compelling strategy will save you.

We are using the CGOSTMA™ structure, a strategy that will make everything clear and will help you take your social media presence at the next level.

What we provide:

  • a complete social media strategy
  • analysis of your current situation (including your competition)
  • defining your target audience
  • determining the social media goals and objectives, alongside every step you have to take to help your marketing strategy
  • choosing best suited social networks for your business
  • outlining all the techniques and rules you need to apply
  • recommending the helpful tools for your business based on its needs and resources
  • setting the metrics to be monitored and defining the measurement of KPIs
  • outlining how to adapt your activity to get even more results
  • Bonus: templates for structuring and monitoring the social media presence

For support with your ongoing social media efforts, check our monthly social media marketing services.