Social Media Strategy

the social media mile strategy


Why should you need a strategy? Isn’t the social media presence enough? Unfortunately, the time when just being on social media was enough has passed. Did you know that Facebook only shows your posts to 6% of your followers? There is a lot of competition at this point and you need to have a great strategy to attract the right followers and achieve your social media goals.

A goal cannot be reached if it’s not set. And a goal that doesn’t help your overall marketing strategy will not help your business grow. This is where a compelling strategy will save you.

We are using the CGOSTMA™ structure, a strategy that will make everything clear and will help you take your social media presence at the next level.

What we provide:

  • a complete social media strategy
  • analysis of your current situation (including your competition)
  • defining your target audience
  • determine the social media goals and every step you have to take to help your marketing strategy
  • we’ll define what are best social networks for your business
  • all the techniques and rules you need to apply
  • best recommended tools for your business based on its needs
  • what and how to measure your goals
  • how to adapt your activity to get even more results
  • templates for structuring and monitoring the social media presence for free (worth of 300 euros)

If you need some extra help, ask for a 3 months social media calendar to get you started or just work with one of our professionals to take care of your monthly social media management.