About the social media mile - international digital marketing agency
Digital marketing agency

  • The smmile is a location-independent digital marketing agency with an international team of professionals who go the extra mile for the clients’ smile and ROI. We are people who worked in corporations and advertising agencies and each of us has years of experiences with small and huge brands, on various markets.
  • The digital marketing agency focuses on social media (as the name states – the social media mile) and cares deeply about setting the right objectives, while providing quality, measuring results and achieving the desired results. This way our clients have the confidence that a team of experts takes care of their online presence and performance while they focus on their most important business aspects.
  • If you think that social media doesn’t work, we are sure that with the right resources you can succeed. That is why, besides the team’s know-how, our digital marketing agency offers a unique methodology – CGOSTMA™ – which helps us set the right goals and objectives, based on which we develop a strategy that lays at the heart of achieving the desired results.

    The smmile team

  • We are happy people and the smile on our faces always reflects in our daily work. We love proving productivity, efficiency and effectiveness while making our clients happy.
  • Combining our skills, know-how and excitement for amazing work based on results, we are on a mission of creating relevant content that people will want to read, watch and follow.
  • David Ogilvy said that “the consumer is not a moron, she is your wife”. We believe in providing valuable content to the right people. We hate spam and irrelevant information and we are keen on making the best out of social media for your business.



The founder 

Anca Muraru

Anca Muraru - The smmile - location independent social media agencyAfter years of experience in media and advertising, in corporate jobs but also working as a consultant, Anca decided in 2015 it was time to offer professional services to more businesses by setting clear processes, strategies and objectives for each client and project.


  • International team
  • Professional services with know-how of many industries and markets
  • Services in multiple languages
  • Most of the team members already have a lot of experience in the corporate jobs, are experts on their field and are confident enough on their skills to provide expert services


The smmile wants to have both collaborators and clients that smile at the end of the day!