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How to attract new followers on Facebook? I am sick and tired of seeing so many tips to attract more Facebook that look like “suggest to friends”, “hold a contest” or “post on Twitter”. Facebook is the one telling you to suggest your page to friends as soon as you have your page live; you don’t need a Social Media Specialist to tell you this.

Holding contests might be a good step for you, but it might give you even more headaches than you can handle – don’t do it right from the beginning or you might end up attracting the wrong people. Check regulations, find ideas, look for showcases and most importantly understand your target and only then, if you still want to, go for it.

Promoting the FB page on Twitter is ok but won’t gain too many followers except if you have a really big community on Twitter and just starting on Facebook…, which is a bit improbable. I am not saying don’t do it, but do it just from time to time. Each social network is different and you don’t want to share all you Facebook posts on Twitter or vice versa or you’ll just make beginners’ mistakes. And you have an image to maintain, don’t you?

The truth is that there’s no secret recipe, no magic spell and no overnight success. You have to put in time, effort and money. But when you do it right, you have a community that will never let you down and won’t go to competition just because they received a new T-shirt.


1. Engage with your audience on other Facebook pages

If you have collaborators with similar audience or even magazines that reach your target, get in touch with them. You can do it directly, or you can just be there to provide relevant content and tips. Need more details? Let’s get more specific. Log in with your business page, like the relevant pages and check them daily. Like and share their posts when they’re relevant to your target and comment when you have something valuable to say. But please don’t spam them; otherwise you’ll do more harm than good.


2. Make it easy for people to follow you

It happened so many times to read a blog article, like it and want to follow the brand on Facebook or Twitter, but the Follow buttons were out of my reach. It happened the same with subscribing to the newsletter. So I just left without following them. Put your social media buttons and share plugins where people can see them right away. Just make it easy for your readers to follow you.


3. Tell employees know about the page

Yes, some employees might be reticent to interact with the Facebook page, but if they don’t want to like your page, you might have bigger issues – there’s a possibility they’re actually not happy working for you or your brand and they don’t want to be associated with it. Don’t just run and fire them, but ask what’s the problem and what you could improve.

In the fortunate situation where your employees are happy to let people know they work for you, you’ll get a lot of engagement and new followers thanks to their Facebook likes, comments, shares and from their new job position mentioned in their personal bio.


4. Email signature

In the past, we might’ve had our name and position in the company’s email signature, but these days you are losing quite a lot by not providing more info about you and your company’s social networks.


5. Content is still king

This is a topic that needs special attention, but in a few words, play with photos, videos, plain text and links. Don’t be afraid to share some behind the scene pictures and “how we do it”, because people want to see what’s happening in your company. Reward them for being your follower.

This might look a bit passive, like you are doing nothing to attract new followers, but when your content is valuable, your followers will share it more often and it will attract new people.


6. Be active and post regularly

Once you are not there anymore, people will forget about you, Facebook will diminish your importance and some users won’t get your posts anymore. Moreover, you can teach your followers to wait for your content – you could have “Monday Motivation”, “Insightful Wednesday” or “4pm – Happy Hour”. This way they’ll come back and see what you have to say next.


7. Special promotions

Offer a discount or special promotion just for your followers. You can use the Facebook “Offer” feature or create a tailor-made promotion picture/video just for your audience.  Thus, only the ones following you will benefit.


8. Tag other brand pages in your posts

When you tag a business page in your post, the admins of the page will receive a notification and most probably will visit your page to see what’s all about. It has to be a relevant post for them though – you could either attract a follower and a possible promoter of your brand or you may annoy the tagged company if you have an irrelevant post.


9. Newsletter

If a user has subscribed to your newsletter it doesn’t mean that necessarily they also follow you on social media. Include the like buttons in your newsletter and check the Facebook Insights to see how many followers came from the newsletter. Play with them, place the buttons on top, on sides, at the bottom and see what’s the best one for you, when are you attracting most followers.


10. Measure your results and adapt your strategy accordingly

It might look obvious, but unfortunately most companies forget or “don’t have the time” to evaluate the results. And this is one of the most important parts – if you don’t know what’s working for your social media communication, you won’t know how to adjust your strategy, and that could make you lose money, time and potential clients. Take the extra step!

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